High Strangeness: Not so fast, Lone Wolf

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not so fast, Lone Wolf

Wouldn't you know it? A few hours after I posted on Monday to voice my disappointment in MUFON for not responding to my UFO sighting report, MUFON responded to my UFO sighting report. It had been two weeks, after all, and I was all set to go all Lone Wolf on the UFO world if I didn't hear from them. Now, I find I must set my personal feelings of Lone Wolfishness aside and give the pros a chance to impress me.

The email came from the Wisconsin State Director, and it informed me that a MUFON Field Investigator has been assigned to my case. I am to await contact from Mxxxxxx Lxxxx, ID # 3xxxx (just being careful). All well and good. But then there is a subtle shift in the email's tone. "Please do not speak with anyone else about your sighting," the Director says, "unless I have provided their name to you." I see a problem here: I have already told everyone I know. I'm not sure what I am expected to do now. Silence everyone I've talked to? That would put a damper on the the family reunion next month. Lie to MUFON Field Investigator #3xxxx? That's a bit more doable. I think that is what I will do, and I will encourage my wife and daughter to do the same.

But that doesn't address the real issue here: why is MUFON trying to tell me who I can and cannot talk to about what I saw? Ever since the first modern UFO sighting in the US in 1947, UFO researchers have accused the US Air Force of engaging in one UFO cover-up after another. Today, in 2011, MUFON members are demanding that the US government stop lying to us about the "truth" about UFOs and come clean with everything it knows about our alien visitors. These are the same people asking me not to speak with anyone outside their organization? Really?

Anyway... the email goes on to say that, "Any MUFON investigator who meets with you in person must show you their MUFON Field Investigator Photo ID." For personal reasons, I will also require that any MUFON Field Investigator who meets with me in person also shows me his or her MUFON Field Investigator car sun screen (pictured below, a steal at $15 from the MUFON store). I will encourage my wife and daughter to do the same. Think about it: anyone can carry around a photo ID, but a guy with an official car sun screen unfurled in his windshield, that is one dedicated mofo.

Like I said, just being careful.

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