High Strangeness: Why High Strangeness?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why High Strangeness?

"High Strangeness" is the name given by field investigators for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) to UFO encounters that are, well, stranger than other UFO encounters. High Strangeness is, to put it most appropriately, the mothership of strange. It seems to me that once you enter the realm of UFO-type phenomenon, pretty much everything is High Strangeness, but one thing I've learned from my lifetime fascination with Unidentified Flying Objects and extraterrestrial life-forms is that people who study these manifestations of supreme weirdness love to impose logical structure to them, no matter how poorly it fits. And that includes categorizing strange events by the strangeness of their strangeness.

That's one of the reasons I'm writing this blog. I have decided to join the Mutual UFO Network and become a field investigator. With any luck, a few months from now I will be trotting around Wisconsin investigating UFO encounters and learning to apply human logic and structure to this most un-human of experiences. For this is what MUFON field investigators do: they questions witnesses, collect evidence and categorize the incident according to standards set out in the MUFON Field Investigator's handbook. I will become a UFO CSI investigator, and I plan to record my progress and experiences here, even if some of them turn out to be kind of normal.

How it will start, I do not know. The MUFON people have been very slow to respond to my inquiries. I have given up on the Wisconsin chapter and contacted the Illinois chapter, in the hopes that Illinois has more, and higher, strangeness than Wisconsin (many Wisconsinites would say that this is true; after all, Illinois has the Bears). At this point, it seems more likely that I will be contacted by ETs than officials from MUFON

I kid. I'm sure they are very busy people who have a lot of UFO sightings to investigate, and I'm sure they struggle to balance their MUFON work with their family lives and careers. I will write again when I have been contacted by a MUFON official and instructed on my next steps. I will also write if I am contacted by Men In Black who try to discourage me from seeking the truth about UFOs. That'll show them.

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Calvin said...

The first time you said high strangeness I thought it was a drug joke